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What is a geopark?

"A geopark is a place where the landscape with its outstanding geological heritage is used to support sustainable development, through conservation, education, interpretation, and nature-based tourism."

Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU

Why we have a geopark in Ragunda

A geopark shall...

  • teach geology and the long history of Earth,
  • show in what way geology provides for all existence,
  • contribute to the sustainable development of tourism,
  • stimulate wonder, awe and respect for the long history of Earth,
  • make us realise that our planet is not just a resource, in existence only to provide for us – after all Earth is the only planet we have, and
  • provide a meeting point, for people meeting people, not only historic figures but also those living here in our days.

This is why we have a geopark in Ragunda Municipality.

In 2022 SGU designated Geopark Indalsälven a Swedish geopark, the second geopark in the country.

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