Welcome to Geopark Indalsälven!

Official opening

Saturday June 17 at 1 p.m is the official opening of Geopark Indalsälven in Döda fallet. We also take the opportunity to celebrate that the open-air revolving theatre turns 30 years old and that the County Administrative Board has repaired and restored the nature reserve with new wooden ramps and signs! You can find more information at ragundadalen.se.

Here you can see and experience....

What is a geopark?

"A geopark is a place where the landscape with its outstanding geological heritage is used to support sustainable development, through conservation, education, interpretation, and nature-based tourism."

Geological Survey of Sweden, SGU

Why we have a geopark in Ragunda

A geopark shall...

  • teach geology and the long history of Earth,
  • show in what way geology provides for all existence,
  • contribute to the sustainable development of tourism,
  • stimulate wonder, awe and respect for the long history of Earth,
  • make us realise that our planet is not just a resource, in existence only to provide for us – after all Earth is the only planet we have, and
  • provide a meeting point, for people meeting people, not only historic figures but also those living here in our days.

This is why we have a geopark in Ragunda Municipality.

In 2022 SGU designated Geopark Indalsälven a Swedish geopark, the second geopark in the country.

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