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Our ambition is to make the website user-friendly and accessible for as many as possible. We are thus working to ensure it complies with the requirements of official websites in Sweden (WCAG). The work is continuous.


Carina Landin


Texts, web design and web development : Ann-Charlotte Ladan.
Fact-checking: Magnus Hellqvist, Geoveta AB, Lena Lundqvist, SGU and Emma Rehnström, Geologica Consult AB.
Photos: Souleiko Abdi Olade, Tryphon Danielsson, Peter Ladan, William Sigurdsson, Katarina Söderlund and Lovis Uhlgrén.
Image editing: Peter Ladan.
Illustrations: Inger Backlund, Peter Ladan and Katarina Söderlund.
Accessibility tests: Anders Bergvall and Eva Lindholm.
English translation: Eva Henricson, Klartext Eva Henricson.
Web design support: Nathalie de Groot, Nordiska Stil, and Elsje Barendregt, Lodge Lagom.

Improvement suggestions

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